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10 Most In-Demand Wedding Photographers in the Philippines

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Barely a second after your wedding, what remained and forever be within reach are those captured moments. Because of the importance of wedding photos, it is no wonder why couples spend a lot of time looking and investing in the right photographer. If you are still facing a bump in the road to start your research, perhaps our list of in-demand wedding photographers will come in handy.

1. Pat Dy Photography

Pat Dy is a veteran in the photography industry; this is why numerous celebrities and prominent individuals will choose to entrust their special occasions to him, like weddings. His approach boasts elegance and sophistication while capturing every moment and emotion. He also tends to break barriers giving couples extraordinary shots. His clients’ accolades include Heart Evangelista, Margarita Valdes Trinidad, Anne Curtis, Solenn Heusaff, and many more.

2. Chestknots Studio

Chestknots studio is best known for capturing photos that are equally good as the memories. They are a team of quality-driven individuals geared towards capturing the couples’ special moments’ natural rhythms. One client who fell in love with Chestknots’ talent is Vanessa Heusaff.

3. Nice Print Photo

If the Marian Rivera wedding to Dingdong Dantes left an indelible mark on you, this could be attributed to their wedding photographer Nice Print Photo. They are the go-to photographers for couples who would want a classic outcome on their big day. Other notable celebrities who entrusted their weddings to them are Camille Prats and VJ Yambao, John Pratts and Isabel Oli, Paul Jake Castillo and Kaye Abad. These celebrities got their nod, so we are certain you would do too.

4. Metrophoto

Many young couples choose Metrophoto, not only because they are popular but also because they can deliver unique contemporary styles for the young generation with perfectly curated backdrops. They can pull out an edgy yet stylish output with the right amount of drama. Their notable portfolio includes the weddings of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, and Megan Young and Mikael Daez.

5. Mango Red

If you want to spice up your wedding photos, Mango Red can definitely deliver. They have a unique way to bring offbeat wedding photos, yet to the couple’s delight. Their signature style is unexpected. However, trust their process as they can surely deliver timeless and sentimental photos, just like the wedding of lifestyle journalist Stephanie Zubiri.

6. Jaja Samaniego

Another photographer known for stunning and elegant wedding photos is Jaja Samaniego. One striking thing about her style is how she can deliver the most natural gorgeous shots possible. Most of her outtakes capture the couple’s extemporaneous movements, which makes it more charming. This gives out a warm and happy atmosphere to all her subjects, turning into glowing photos of the bride and groom. Because of this unique appeal, her works have been recognized locally and internationally.

7. Paul Vincent

Paul Vincent came from the field of advertising and weddings for a good 15 years. This only enables him to know the ins and outs of wedding photography, creating exceptional photos for his clients. Paul values work quality, so he partners with his wife for artistic renditions and inspirations. Undoubtedly, they are the perfect team should you wish a feel-good duo to preserve the beautiful memories on your big day.

8. Hugbig Photography

If you want a vintage rustic appeal consistent in all your photos, look no more, as Hugbig Photography has certainly mastered the style. This group of individuals believes that ‘hugging’ is a simple gesture yet very compelling for a couple to be together no matter what the future holds. That’s simply the concept Hugbig Photography wanted to immortalize in every special moment they capture.

9. CamZar Photography

In addition to the husband and wife duo who succeeded in the field of wedding photography is CamZar. It’s merely a testament that this combination knows how to make newlyweds feel their most comfortable state that exudes in every capture they made. Their portfolio screams clean and dreamy aesthetics, a style that many couples would love to have for their wedding.

10. The Backyard Studios

Another group of photographers who perfected the vintage look in weddings is The Backyard Studios. Their name is inspired by relevant words such as relax and simple, which screams what a backyard is to a family. Their portfolio showcases genuine happiness by their clients.
Finding the right photographer is essential and should be considered a non-negotiable. The couple should set aside sufficient time to research and review the selected photographers that match their style and personalities.

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