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5 Makeup Artists Who Will Give You a Bridal Glow

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The makeup artist is the bride’s best friend come her wedding day. After all, he or she enhances her beauty and makes her the most beautiful she’s ever been. This event supplier ensures the bride is at her best, with no flaws like eye bags and wrinkles from all the wedding planning. Having a good makeup artist beside you is equivalent to stunning photos that you can revisit over the years. That is why getting one is very important.

If you are still confused about who to get and trust your makeup on your big day, we got you covered. We listed down the six makeup artists who can surely give you the bridal glow you deserve!

1. Nelsy Ernst Pro Makeup

If you are looking for a makeup artist with a degree to boot, consider getting Nelsy Ernst Pro Makeup. She is certified at the prestigious Academy of Freelance Makeup in London. If that still does not amount to anything to you, then her talent will certainly will. Nelsy approaches each of her sessions with constant and unwavering enthusiasm. She has an eye for the unique, distinguishing aspects of every face. She can highlight the beautiful features and create a fresh, flawless, new look from any structure, giving you the option to look the way you want to look. As evidenced by her work’s breadth, it is no wonder why Nelsy is in demand with clients who can attest to her skills, passion at work, and professionalism.

Nelsy Ernst Pro Makeup wedding rates start at 25K PHP. You can book her services through this link.


2. Makeup by Jem

Jem is one of the busiest makeup artists having a fully booked schedule ahead of this year. Why not? Many of her former brides love how she can deliver the natural bridal glow and recommend her to their friends. The beautiful results are also thanks to Jem’s equally professional team, which are filled with passion for their craft. Such enthusiasm exudes to their work; the brides would indeed be lucky to have a fresh and natural glow on her big day.
Makeup by Jem wedding rates start at 14K PHP. You can book her services through this link.

3. Lourdgene Howes of House of Howes Brides

Another makeup artist who invested in good education is Lourdgene Howes. Before House of Howes Brides, Lourdgene was in corporate events for 16 years in Dubai and United Kingdom before taking a makeup artistry course in Scotland and Manila. With these experiences, Lourdgene knows the importance of a good relationship with clients and work execution. Her philosophy in her makeup career is to ‘never overdone.’ She always aims for a no-makeup makeup look, focusing on a radiant skin-like finish and expensive-looking subject. She also makes sure to attend personally to every client’s needs and guide them from the moment they inquire – that’s why they always end up with a special bond and friendship.

House of Howes Brides wedding rates start at 25K PHP. You can book her services through this link.


4. Razie Estinopo Makeup Diary

Razie is known for her beauty enhancement style without going overboard. Her goal is to heighten every feature to radiate the natural beauty of every bride she would work on. She also ensures that the freshness lasts with fewer requirements for a retouch to give the bride confidence in her wedding. Razie guarantees a perfect bridal glow that will make every bride stands out and be the center of her big event.

Razie Estinopo Makeup Diary wedding rates start at 17K PHP. You can book her services through this link


5. Clau Miranda Makeup Artistry

When looking for that talented makeup artist to give you the right amount of confidence on your big day, look no more, as Clau Miranda and her team will help you realize that. She is a rare gem with a solid background in bridal weddings and TV/Print ads. And with six strong years as a makeup artist, Clau guarantees the perfect bridal glow, radiant skin, and glass-skin finish. One would surely be amazed by her makeup techniques and skills.

Clau Miranda Makeup Artistry wedding rates start at 5.5K PHP. You can book her services through this link.

These are our recommended makeup artists in the country you should consider to get a perfect bridal glow on your wedding day. Many brides have affirmed their professionalism and work output, so you don’t need to worry about your look at the most significant event of your life.

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