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Small Intimate Wedding Venues in the Philippines

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The pandemic has caused many of our life celebrations to be restricted and contained. Today’s weddings were affected as couples must trim their guests to fit their preferred venue’s limited capacity to practice social distancing. Yet, some see this as an opportunity to create smaller and intimate weddings, which adds to the spike of demand for pandemic wedding venues that can deliver just that.

Here are our top suggestions if you are on the lookout for small intimate wedding venues in the Philippines.

1. Antonio’s

One of the beautiful places to hold wedding rites or reception in Tagaytay city is Antonio’s. This restaurant boasts impeccable food that you and your guests would surely love. The good thing with Antonio’s is that they can customize the menu, even wine selection, to your preference. They also have great table settings that match just about any theme or motif you might have. They have varied venues available inside, such as their Chef’s Room, outdoor garden, Cabana, and lanai lounge.

2. Sitio Elena Events Venue

Are you looking for a full-glass façade for your wedding? If that is your dream venue, let Sitio Elena Events Venue take care of that. Strategically located in one of the country’s most prestigious golf clubs, this boasts an accessible location and just a stone’s throw from the metro. Soon-to-be-wed couples and their guests would surely enjoy the fresh air and the picturesque view. It has a fully airconditioned grand hall with an exquisite glass interior. For brides, you would love their cozy bridal suite and other facilities. They also have excellent catering that fits just about anyone’s taste buds. Enjoy nature at Sitio Elena Events Venue with its waterfalls and beautiful landscapes to boot.

3. Timmy in the Woods

Built as a family rest house, Timmy in the Woods is more than an IG-worthy place. It boasts of natural elements inside and around the house. If you want a rustic-themed or garden-themed wedding, this is the best place that fits your preference perfectly. They have woods in black and gray as well as accent floors and walls. For the couple and their guests, enjoy their two-floor villa with varying bed sizes. They also have other amenities that complement a rustic or garden-themed wedding, such as their garden area and veranda. They also have an infinity pool and an expansive kitchen for any catering demands come on your big day.

4. The Henry Hotel

Who would have thought that there’s a place like Henry Hotel just around the corner of Manila city? This place will transform you into another world, that you’ll forget you’re in Manila. Henry Hotel is best known as a Filipino boutique hotel brand. They are multi-awarded at that in their Cebu and Manila locations. For your big day, they have various packages that would sit well within your budget, even providing you the option to rent the hotel overnight with all 24 standard rooms, suite rooms, and more. You can then set your wedding ceremony and reception at their beautiful lawn or courtyard and celebrate your big day till dawn.

5. Lola Cafe

Lola cafe has already been famous for intimate wedding receptions, even before the country implemented the pandemic restrictions. This restaurant boasts exquisite food and beautiful interiors. They have different branches around the metro, making them accessible for soon-to-be-wed couples in Quezon City, The Podium, and S Maison. Their restaurants can accommodate up to 60 persons with hearty selections from starters to main courses and desserts.

6. Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant

You won’t even notice that this quaint restaurant is nestled in Quezon City. You would love its French Mediterranean cuisine and by far one of the best in the metro. Many can affirm how excellent their food and beautiful the place is. Situate your intimate wedding here as they have different venues that you can choose, like the Terrace and their garden area, where you can use it as your “I do” in a lush and green perfect for any garden-themed wedding. You can also find their main dining area cozy and romantic.

8. Pinto Art Museum

In case you are looking for a small intimate venue outside the metro, here’s another gem beautifully situated in the pilgrimage city of Antipolo. Pinto Art Museum is known as a contemporary museum in the country, and it has opened its doors for lovely events such as weddings. Get to see and experience the arts inside the museum with your guests while having your lovely reception dinner. We are sure it will be a perfect backdrop for any shots your photographers might suggest.

9. VERA Intramuros

Consider VERA Intramuros for a venue filled with rich history and has cozy spaces ideal for intimate events like weddings. It is right behind Manila Cathedral and across San Agustin Church, which could be convenient if you choose any of these churches for your wedding ceremony. It has many spaces to offer, such as its indoor studio, lounge, courtyards, patios, and gardens perfect for any occasion. It also has picturesque areas for beautiful photoshoots. You and your guests would love its rich Intramuros history and proximity to churches.

10. Villa Milagros

You might find this mansion familiar because it has been used repeatedly by TV sitcoms and movies. Villa Milagros also offers a perfect venue for intimate weddings. Couples would want to get married here as it has a fresh and classic look with a structure that symbolizes a husband’s love for his wife and family; this mansion was a gift of Isidoro Liamzon to his beloved Ma. Milagros. The walls are brightly painted in white with natural light coming from its big windows. The hall can comfortably seat as many as 40 guests for your small weddings. It also has two gardens ideal for your outdoor ceremony or reception.
These are just some of the beautiful small intimate wedding venues you can consider your big day. For certain, each offers its unique beauty and charm to whatever wedding demands you might have. Have you chosen your location yet? If not, then start contacting these venues in our Online Wedding Fair.
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