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7 Wedding Planners Who Will Take Your Worries Away

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Wedding planning can be tedious. It takes most of your time, especially if you are busy with other things like work. It can also get overwhelming considering many suppliers to look into and what to include in your wedding. Although many tutorials are circulating online, it is still a different ballgame when planning your dream wedding. To make everything a breeze, hiring a dedicated wedding planner is essential.
If you have been eyeing a wedding planner to help you out in planning, then you just got lucky as we curated the seven wedding planners in the Philippines who have proven skills to take all your big day worries away.


1. Celebre Events

Célèbre Events is a byproduct of a young entrepreneur who ventured into the event organizing business in 2011and specialized in event planning, styling, and coordination. They believe that each event is a treasure to keep; hence they would want to bring the best moment without compromise. They assure to tailor fit with every client’s budget and goals and surpass expectations by turning each event into an unforgettable one.
Celebre Events wedding rates start at 20K PHP. You can book their services through this link.

2. Events Republic

Events Republic was founded by former brides who experienced the toll of wedding planning, especially concerning budgeting. In 2006, the team began their penchant for romance and a passion for organizing events; they believe that couples deserve a beautiful and perfectly coordinated wedding regardless of the budget. They have an arsenal of clients from different walks of life and other demands, and everything boils down to the happy ending they so deserve.
Events Republic wedding rates start at 13K PHP. You can book their services through this link.

3. CLR Perfection

Since 2012, CLR Perfection has been a go-to for couples who want to execute traditions and styles specific to Filipino-Chinese weddings. Three women from different backgrounds formed the team to utilize their combined skills in organizing memorable events such as weddings, birthdays, debuts, anniversaries, and baptismal. They have helped many couples execute their dream weddings through the help of their tools, experiences, creative ideas, and dedicated two teams to coordinate on the big day.
CLR Perfection wedding rates start at 30K PHP. You can book their services through this link.
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4. BigRedBag Events & Style Management

Bigredbag Events and Style Management has started 13 years back by a former bride, Mary Grace De Leon, who experienced a failed planner in her wedding. From that occurrence, she decided to take a plunge and pour all her time and effort so that future brides will not share the same experience. Fast forward today, the company has delivered numerous successful events and established itself as a premier wedding planner with event styling services.
Bigredbag Events and Style Management wedding rates start at 35K PHP with free prenup styling. You can book their services through this link.

5. Uncomplicated Wedding & Events

The business name speaks for itself – if you want one uncomplicated event, then let Uncomplicated Wedding and Events handle it for you. They are a team of creative people dedicated to realizing your dream wedding, whether intimate or festive. What is even more wonderful with this team is that they provide value for your money. They tend to incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly options on your wedding details that not many wedding planners can do. Hence, if you are an earth-friendly bride, it would be wise to consider them as your planner so you can discuss logistics and details on the eco-friendly materials to use on your wedding day.
Uncomplicated Wedding and Events wedding rates start at 25K PHP. You can book their services through this link.

6. Create Memories Event Planner

Christelle Dominise founded Create Memories Coordination by Christelle and named it after herself as she gives all she can in planning the dream weddings for her clients. For her, wedding planning is more than just a career or a checklist. It involves meeting new people and listening to their stories, which is one of the things she loves about her business. She makes sure that couples are also engaged in the planning process so she can align the wedding they’ll always treasure. Christelle wanted to be the couple’s trustworthy planner, accountant, confidant, friend, and family, available anytime they need her.
Create Memories Coordination by Christelle wedding rates start at 30K PHP. You can book their services through this link.

7. Calibre Events Co.

Calibre Events Co. was founded with dedication, passion, and excellence by John Agcaoili, with ten years of experience in hospitality and customer service, and Tori Agcaoili, an event specialist and professional host since 2012. Their combined professional skills established a unique and professional strategy that made its mark in the event industry – providing a highly organized event and a systematic flow with its clients, suppliers, and partners to achieve an excellent, fulfilling, and memorable event. Passion, skills, and collaboration are some of the most outstanding traits of the company. It starts with creatives ideas, thorough planning, and well-organized execution that will ensure success in every event. The company’s goal is to provide excellent event management to satisfy, meet, and exceed the expectations of its clients.
Calibre Events Co. wedding rates start at 25KPHP. You can book their services through this link.
These are the wedding planners who can surely make your big day the most memorable event of your life. Their abilities and skills to put all your worries away are backed by a wide array of clients who experienced a hassle-free wedding with them. So take a look at each, and for sure, you’ll find the one you have been looking for.

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