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5 Bridesmaids Gowns Transfer at ₱1500 each


Hi brides and grooms!

I am looking to transfer my ₱7,500 credit (current price at ₱8,500) for the 5 chiffon bridesmaids gowns I ordered from Dhane Bridal Boutique since my wedding is canceled. I got each gown at ₱1,500, which is now ₱1,700 current price.

The bridesmaids gown theme is chiffon fabric in different shades of blue like the photo for inspiration for fall weddings. And the chiffon fabric shade will be 109 (1x), 113 (2x) and 115 (2x).

If you’re interested, please let me know through the inquire button to check your date and preferences with them. Once it’s confirmed, I’ll coordinate the transfer of the credit through FB messenger group chat and the ₱7,500 down payment here at Bridebook.

Here’s their Facebook account for your reference:

Thank you! 🙂