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Scented Candles w/ Paper Bag Souvenir Contract


Hello brides and grooms!

I am looking to transfer my ₱4,615 credit (current price at ₱12,550) with the souvenir shop for my wedding, Little Things PH, which I can no longer use since my wedding is canceled 🙁

They have already increased their product prices, but the good thing is you can still avail of the old price (cheaper) I got from them below. You can also change your order and use the credit ₱4,615 (offering at ₱4,055) with the current product prices. 

  • Scented candles (₱50 x 70 pcs at 80g) - ₱3,500 (current price at ₱155 each)
  • Lavender (₱200 x 2 pcs) - ₱400 (incl. in the current price of scented candle
  • Small paper bag (as per photo ₱20 x 70 pcs) - ₱1,400
  • Big paper bag (₱30 x 10 pcs) - ₱300

If you're interested, please let me know through the inquire button to check your date and preferences with them. Once it's confirmed, I’ll coordinate the transfer of the credit through FB messenger group chat and the ₱4,055 down payment here at Bridebook.

Here’s their Facebook account for your reference:

Thank you! 🙂