Welcome to Bridebook PH! We operate a community that allows you to browse information for your event planning and a social marketplace that enables you to buy and sell items and services using our website. So have a great time, and remember our house rules!

1.1 Bridebook will be addressed individually or collectively as “Bridebook”, “we”, “us”, or “our” and we will refer to our website as the “Site” and other services as our “Services”. This document and any content within it collectively make up the ‘Terms of Service’.

1.2 Please read the following Terms of Service thoroughly before using the Site or any of our Services. By browsing our Site, you will be accepting our Terms. We posted this so that you are aware of your legal rights when using our Services.

1.3 Our Services cover (a) the Site, (b) the Services provided by the Site, and (c) all data, pages, features, text, images, photographs, graphics, music, sounds, video, messages, tags, Content, programming, software, application services. Any new Content added to or expanding the Services is subject to these Terms of Service. Users using our Services to post their Content will be “Your Content”. Your Content includes the User’s username, shop or business name, profile pictures, listing photos, descriptions, reviews, comments, videos, etc.

1.4 Our Service includes an online platform that provides an opportunity and place for the sale of goods and services “Items” among the “Buyer” and the “Supplier”, collectively known as “Users”, “Parties”, “you”, “your”. The actual contract for a sale transaction is between the Buyer and the Supplier. We are not part of the contract or any other contract of the User. Parties to the transaction will be solely accountable for their agreement according to the listing of Items, warranty of Items, and like. Hence, We do not have obligations in these contracts. Nevertheless, if you have issues with your orders, we may step in to assist (see section 10). We do not screen Users and any of Your Content. Therefore, we cannot ensure that Users will fulfill the transactions.

1.5 We reserve the right to revise, adjust, suspend or terminate all or any part of the Site and our Services at any time. We may launch particular Services or any features even in a beta version, which may work incorrectly or not in the same form as to how the final version would work, without being held liable in such occurrences. We may also impose a limit on particular features or restrain your access to any parts and/or our entire Site or Services at our sole discretion without liability or prior notice.

1.6 We reserve the right not to provide you access to our Site or Services or to decline your opening of an Account for any reason.

2.1 We know that your personal information is important to you; hence it’s important to us. Our Privacy policy defines how your information is used when you use our Site and Services. When using our Services or contributing information on our Site, you agree to Our collection, disclosure, use, and processing of Your personal data and Content as detailed in Our Privacy Policy.

2.2 Users who obtained another User’s data through the use of Our Services thus agree that they will (a) adhere to all relevant personal data protection laws, (b) allow the User (owner of personal data) the authority to remove their collected data upon request.

2.3 We can use your information to contact you. These messages are delivered through email or push notifications; hence, every account must keep an active email address on file to receive Our communications. We may also contact you through mobile or telephone for any transaction support and related purposes.

3.1 To use some of Our Services, You will need to create an account with Us. Here are a few rules about account creation:

3.1.1 You must be 18 years old or older to use our Services. Or else, you may only use our Services under the supervision of a legal guardian or a parent.

3.1.2 Provide correct details about yourself. It’s not right to use misleading information or pretend to be another person or company using your account with Us.

3.1.3 The person’s name on the account will be solely responsible for all activities on Your account, regardless of You sharing your account with other people. If you are signing up as a business entity, you guarantee that you have the authority to comply with the Terms of Service to represent the business. Likewise, your accounts are not transferable.

3.1.4 Remember to keep your login and password secure. As we’ve stated above, you’re solely responsible for any activity on your account.

4.1 We grant you limited and revocable access and use of our Services, subject to our Terms of Service. All proprietary Content, service marks, brand names, logos, trademarks, and other intellectual property displayed in the Site are the property of Bridebook PH, and where applicable, third parties proprietors identified in the Site. You agree not to distribute, copy, republish, mirror, frame, or duplicate without Our prior consent in writing.

5.1 Users using our Services to post their Content will be “Your Content”. Your Content includes the User’s username, shop or business name, profile pictures, listing photos, descriptions, reviews, comments, videos, etc.

5.1.1 You are solely accountable for Your Content. You confirm that you have all the necessary rights to Your Content and do not violate or breach any third party’s rights by posting it.

5.1.2 You grant us a license to use Your Content that you posted through our Services. We do not own Your Content, but you allow us to use it to help us function and grow. This license allows us a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, sub-licensable, irrevocable, perpetual license to use, edit, display, modify, distribute, reproduce, store, prepare, distribute derivative works of Your Content to promote Our Site and Services.

5.1.3 Please contact us if Your Content has been posted to the Services without your permission and you want to remove it. On the other hand, if your Content infringes other people’s intellectual property, we will remove it when we receive a report.

5.1.4 You are not allowed to post any Content that is threatening, defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, vulgar, and in violation of our Prohibited Items section. Likewise, Content that is wrong, misleading, or uses the Services fraudulently or deceptively.

6.1 We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, and revocable license to use our Services. You acknowledge that you will not violate any regulations in using Our Services. This includes any local, federal, state, and international laws that may apply to you.

6.2 You are liable for paying all fees of Our Services. You are also solely accountable for collecting and paying applicable taxes for any sales or purchases you transact through our Services.

6.3 You agree not to interfere with or disrupt and harm and attempt to take the source code of Our Services.

6.4 Violation of any of our policies may result in a series of actions, including any or all of the following: deletion or suspension of account listing or legal action, if necessary.

6.5 Please get in touch with us if you believe a User on our Site is violating any of Our terms.

7.1 We currently support Credit and Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard), Direct Debit (BPI, Unionbank), e-Wallets (GrabPay, PayMaya, GCash), Retail Outlets (7-11, Cebuana Lhuillier, ECPay) and PayLater/Cardless Credit (BillEase). The payments are processed through Xendit, a third-party payment channel and transaction charges may range depending on the payment type chosen by the Buyer.

7.2 All sales on Our Site are biding. The Supplier is obligated to complete the purchase Items with the Buyer promptly unless an unusual situation arises.

7.3 From time to time, Bridebook PH will cascade coupon codes to promote the products on the Site. The Supplier accepts the amount of the coupon code will discount the Item’s final price. The final price will be the basis for commission.

7.4 However, if the Supplier promotes its shop using its own coupon code, the amount of the coupon code will only be deducted from the Supplier’s payment or commission.

7.5 The Supplier should have an updated bank account to receive the Payment from all the successful transactions for the whole month. Bridebook PH will only release the Payout after 30-days, on the 15th and 30th of the following month, to ensure that there is no refund dispute by the Buyer. For example, if the Buyer purchased your Item on February 10, 2022, we will send the Payout on March 15, 2022.

7.6 For any questions on payments, please contact finance@bridebook.ph.

8.1 The Supplier will pay Us a service fee of 5% on the total sale amount transacted through our Site. This payment enables us to maintain Our platform, business operations, maintenance costs, and marketing expenses.

8.2 The Supplier will pay the payment gateway fee, which transaction charges may range depending on the payment type chosen by the Buyer. The payment options are processed through Xendit, a third-party payment channel, to process Credit and Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard), Direct Debit (BPI, Unionbank), e-Wallets (GrabPay, PayMaya, GCash), Retail Outlets (7-11, Cebuana Lhuillier, ECPay) and PayLater/Cardless Credit (BillEase) payments.

8.3 Any changes in service fee will be communicated through this page.

9.1 Suppliers will adequately manage and ensure relevant information such as the Item details, price, and inventory list and will not post inaccurate or misleading information.

9.2 The pricing of items is managed by the Supplier at their discretion. The price of an item and shipping costs will include any extra charges such as value-added tax, sales tax, tariffs, etc. Suppliers will not charge Buyers with such amounts additionally.

9.3 Suppliers are obligated to deliver the Item promptly and as described unless there is an exceptional situation. If there is, the Supplier is committed to contacting the Buyer to inform them of any issues, delays, or inability to complete the transaction. The Supplier must return the appropriate refund in agreement to the Buyer.

9.4 Suppliers will issue additional receipts, tax invoices, or credit card slips to the Buyer on request.

10.1 If you encounter a dispute with another user or a third party using our Services, we urge you to contact the other party and attempt to settle the dispute appropriately.

10.2 If you cannot settle the dispute between you and another user, we may help resolve the dispute. Please contact us if you need us to get involved. We will assist in good faith based on our policies. However, we will not make decisions about claims or legal issues.

10.3 Whether you are a Supplier or a Buyer of an Item, you must cooperate with us during the dispute resolution process. Therefore, we request that you provide all the information associating with the dispute that we ask for. We will communicate such requests through your recorded email address. If we cannot get a response from you, we may end the investigation or determine that the investigation has been settled in favor of the other party.

10.4 Disputes as a Buyer

10.4.1 You may raise disputes in two types, one where the Item is ‘significantly not as described’. The second is when the Item is ‘not delivered’ and the Supplier is not returning any attempts of your communication.

10.4.2 You may report the dispute transaction or contact your credit card provider to check chargeback options that may be available for you. However, you may not do both options simultaneously or get a double recovery regarding the same transaction. We will close your report if you raise a dispute with us and file a credit card chargeback concurrently.

10.4.3 You don’t need to report a dispute transaction if the Supplier sent you a refund/exchange with both agreements.

10.4.4 If the Item is reported as ‘not delivered’, we will request the Supplier to present evidence of shipping and delivery with tracking details. If the Supplier fails to provide the proof,  we will resolve the conflict in your favor.

10.4.5 If the Item is reported as ‘significantly not as described’, and both parties do not agree on the discrepancy between what was described and the Item that was sold, we will make a just decision based on all the information about the Item. We will exercise our authority based on various factors: the Item description during the time of purchase, communications between you and the Supplier supported with documentation. We will give the final decision.

10.5 Disputes as a Supplier

10.5.1 As a Supplier, we urge you to constantly communicate with your Buyer, mainly if there are any exceptional situations. Furthermore, we recommend you respond as promptly as possible to your Buyer’s needs to prevent any avoidable disputes.

10.5.2 For the Items that are ‘not delivered’, we will reach out to you to ask for proof of delivery. The evidence must clearly show that the Item has been delivered to the Buyer as reflected on the sales receipt. In addition, the document must show the date when the Item was delivered with official acceptance of the Item by the Buyer. This is the only proof that we will consider as proof of delivery. If the Supplier can’t provide proof of delivery, we will close the dispute in the Buyer’s favor.

10.5.3 If the Item is reported as ‘significantly not as described’, and both parties do not agree on the discrepancy between what was described and the Item that was sold, we will make a just decision based on all the information about the Item. We will exercise our authority based on various factors: the Item description during the time of purchase, communications between you and the Buyer supported with documentation. We will give the final decision.

10.5.4 If the Buyer files a credit card chargeback, we will end the dispute transaction to avoid double recovery.

11.1 If you have concerns with us, please let us know, and hopefully, we can resolve your issue. However, if we are not able to resolve the issue, these rules will govern any legal conflict concerning our Services:

11.1.1 Governing Law. The Bridebook PH’s local laws govern the Terms of Service, which depend on the incorporation location. Therefore, the laws from other places, even where you live, will not apply.

11.1.2 You acknowledge that any claim or dispute arising from Our Terms will be settled by arbitration where possible. The decision during the arbitration award may enter any court with jurisdiction. Any arbitration under the Terms will be processed individually: class actions and class

12.1 We are continuously improving and updating Our Services to serve you with innovative and new features and services. Improvements and updates are also conducted to consider changing technologies, tastes, behaviors, and how people use the Internet and our Services.

12.2 We may change the Terms of Service, but the most updated version will always be through this page.

12.3 We will attempt, where feasible and reasonable, to contact you for any significant changes and updates to any of Our documents referred to in these Terms of Service. You should receive this through email or our system.

12.4 The Terms of Service’s current version includes the only terms that pertain to our relationship with you. Therefore, the older versions of the Terms of Service will no longer apply to our relationship and supersede the current version entirely.

13.1 Bridebook PH is an event social marketplace and forbids specific items from being posted on our Site. Some of these items offer legal danger to our community.

13.2 The Supplier has an obligation to ensure that their proposed Items follow all the laws and are allowed for sale by the local laws of the marketplace’s incorporation. For Supplier’s convenience, we have included a non-exhaustive guideline on forbidden and restricted items not allowed for sale. We will update this guideline every time necessary.

13.3 If an Item or Service is found violating this policy, we will subject the Supplier to a series of opposing actions, including deletion of the Item listing, account suspension and termination, and legal action.

13.4 The following types of items are forbidden:
i. Liquor
ii. Smokeable products, e-cigarettes, tobacco, and e-liquid
iii. Drugs and drug apparatuses
iv. Medicines and medicinal instruments, and items with offensive medical claims. Listings are forbidden from making claims such as having a causal relationship between a substance and curing or treating and preventing a disease or condition.
v. Live insects and animals
vi. Items made from animals, including, but not limited to, endangered exotic animals and species.
vii. Bones or ivory, including elk ivory, fossilized ivory, wooly mammoth ivory from ivory-producing animals, and tusks.
viii. Human remains, human beings, body parts, and any human remains’ items, except hair.
ix. Hazardous materials that are explosive, flammable, explosive, radioactive material, corrosive, poisonous and dangerous.
x. Items that promote or support to engage users in illegal activities.
xi. Items that promote hatred, discrimination, and degradation based on religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.
xii. Items that breach copyright policy including, but not limited to, illegal selling of eBooks
xiii. Unauthorized resale of tickets
xiv. Counterfeit items
xv. Illegal or stolen goods
xvi. Adult material and pornography and services including, but not limited to, pornographic books, magazines, videos and pictures
xvii. Mislabeled goods
xviii. Illegal services not limited to prostitution
xix. Used undergarments and intimate items
xx. Items that present unreasonable risk of harm and recalled items.
xxi. Mislabeled goods
And any other items restricted or illegal in the authority of the Supplier and/or the Buyer or which otherwise support illegal or restricted activities.
If you see any listing that violates our policies, please contact us.

14.1 Please send us an email if you need to contact us. We value learning from our users and are always interested in hearing about the ways we can improve Our Service. By providing your feedback, you acknowledge that we may use and allow others to utilize it without any payment to you and any restriction.